Sunday, 3 March 2013

New Testimonial - Spiritual Contact - Making Dreams Come True!

Hi all,

I've received another testimonial, this time for my work on Spiritual Contact - many thanks to Emerson for such a nice review!

2 years ago we were in pre-production on my first feature film "Spiritual Contact". I talked with several composers about this project, expressing the maximum information about the supernatural events that I had as a kid, as I was looking for a person to be able to convey these feelings through the music.
Not very satisfied, I continued my search posting on several sites, until two weeks later when Andy Stuteley wrote me an e-mail, showing his work and interest in my project. Looking at his website ( I heard a song that made me call him right away, because it was exactly the style I was looking for.
One-and-a-half years later, the visual part of the film was done, so Andy and I watched the film together – it took us a whole day to review the movie and make notes and comments about it. How I felt after the spiritual attacks, the sounds I heard when my spirit was out of my body ... After 3 months correcting the dialogue, removing the background sounds, correcting and improving the level of audio and creating sound effects and writing and producing the music for the film, Andy sent me the final mix. After I put the audio and video together, I watched, and to be honest I cried with happiness to see how the music fit exactly with the film. Andy has done great work for Spiritual Contact and I strongly recommend him!! 
Thanks for everything mate, you helped me to make my dream come true. 
Big Hug.


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