Sunday, 17 July 2011

Review of TPOR by "Pick 'n' Mix Flix"


Pick ‘n’ Mix Flix is a highly rated movie review blogging website concentrating on lower budget, harder to find movies, as well as Oscar contenders and other award-worthy movies.

'The Point of Regret' got a deserved 8/10 with some specific comments on the sound - which I am totally grateful for, as I did the lot! It was hard work but a fantastic experience creating the audio environment including the music, foley and ADR that was all done in my studio.

"Tate couldn’t have done this on his own. Cinematographer David Francis helped out enormously with his atmospheric, hand-held camerawork and The Point of Regret is also aided by an original score by Andy Stuteley. Talking of sound, this movie reaches deep into its bag of tricks to provide some superb over-dubbing, the likes of which you would generally see in much larger movies. The sound, much like everything else here, punches well above its weight. 
Simon Tate, David Francis, AJ Nicol, Christopher Hatherall and others, take a bow. On what’s pretty obviously a limited budget* you’ve combined to make as good a film as it could possibly be as it brings us tales of sacrifice and love, an examination of suicide and regret, and even a debate about the morality of both the media and the death penalty. The Point of Regret really ought to be an inspiration to penniless filmmakers everywhere." Colin Harris - Pick 'n' Mix Flix

Check out the full review of the film here:

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Busy, busy, busy!


Quick update on a few things as I've been a bit busy on music projects and a well needed holiday...

Just got back from a two week break in Cuba feeling hugely re-charged and ready to dive into more musical projects... just need to create a few more hours in the day!

"Spiritual Contact" - Atalaia Films -
There was a minor setback for Emerson when one the lead characters backed out two days before a weekend of filming was due to start. However, things are back on track with some filming complete after a re-jig of the shooting schedule.

There is a new video from DOP Dave Moyles up discussing the film, with a few snippets of the music that will be featured in the film -

"The Lost" - ThamesGate Films -
Apart from his exams, Johan Neethling has been working on another important project... getting married! After a three week honeymoon, he is now back and ready to pick-up work on "The Lost" - there is a lot of work for us to do on the post production sound, so it may take us some time to work thru it all, but it will be worth it.

"Extinction" - a promo for Johan Neethling
Not sure about the future of this project but Johan asked me to do some post production sound on an 8 minute promo called "Extinction". The promo only had on actress in it, filmed as if talking into a laptop camera and security cameras, about the goings on in a research facility... it is simple but so well thought out and scripted, it's spooky and creepy. I created a whole environment of sound that Johan said was simply "perfect" - I must say it was a successful piece of work as it scares the pants off me! As I understand it, the promo is to secure interest for a full length feature version, but I'll post more as soon as I know.


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