Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New Commission - The Point of Regret


I've kept this under wraps for a while... until I was well into it and felt like I'd really got my feet under the table. I've been commissioned to produce the score and sound design for a really cool feature length film called "The Point of Regret". Written and directed by Simon Tate of Emanation Films, "The Point of Regret" is a thriller with a twist, which has also broken new ground in gaining permission to film in Worcester Cathedral.

Everything about this film is really, really good from the story, to the direction, the actors and the production values... I've now got to match it with a great soundtrack!

I've been working on it for a number of weeks now, but only a week ago got the final locked edit, so now I'm syncing the music I already have to the picture - I think it does live up to the film, and both Simon and Dave really like what they've heard so far.

I've got about 5 weeks left til the first test screening (unfortunately I'll be away on holiday when it happens) but I've no doubt I'll get lots of feedback and probably some re-work. There may also be another test screening before the final version is locked for premiering and distribution.

What I'm Using...
I thought I would post more about the process I'm going thru, the libraries I'm using and the challenges I'm facing as it may help others. For now I thought I'd quickly mention some of the great sound libraries I'm using...

I've been using a combination of the following sound libraries:
VSL, Special Edition
Native Instruments Kontakt3, Absynth4
Cinesamples "Drums of War" - (amazing value)
...and a number of the excellent Tonehammer libraries: Anti-Drum2, Epic Toms, Bamblong and the icing on the cake is Barbary which has really lifted the soundtrack.

Bye for now


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