Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Upcoming article on


I just submitted the first of a few articles I'm writing about film music composing - or at least my view of it and what I learned from my time spent on the feature film The Point of Regret.

It will feature on a new site by Simon Tate and Dave Francis, called 60secondscloser where they are sharing their experiences during the making of The Point of Regret. Their mission statement is this:
On this site you’ll find information on everything we’ve learned about making all types of films, from features to promos through documentaries and corporates. We don’t know it all and each day we’re always learning more, but hopefully by reading about the mistakes we’ve made, and sharing in some of our successes, it’ll take you that 60 seconds closer to producing your own film.
So, you should see my article go up sometime later this week, but for now here's a teaser to whet your appetite...

In a perfectly clear night sky, with a dazzlingly bright shining moon, your music needs to be like the millions of shimmering stars, providing the wide-angle backdrop… that’s the bit that people often get emotional about.  
That’s your goal.

Ok, it's short but sweet and sounds like it has nothing to do with music, right? Well wait for the full article over on and let me know what you think.

Bye for now.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

My soundtrack to the feature film The Point of Regret - released at last!


The Point of Regret soundtrack - released at last!

First place you can get a digital copy is over at bandcamp... see the audio player below for track list and links to buy and share the news!

The album should be coming to iTunes and Amazon shortly too!


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