Sunday, 9 August 2009

Cubase 5.01 - Normalisation and Event Volume Handles


I am a long time Cubase user and fan but have hit a problem whilst working on my latest film that has driven me to post in the forum... my first post and it was a whinge!

I have two problems but I think they're related as they're both concerned with volume adjustment... you'll see below.

I'm working on a feature length film on the mix for the dialogue, foley etc so I've been provided with some long audio files.

As I've gone thru chopping up the files to remove useless bits, I thought I'd boost one of the audio events by pulling up on the square blue handle in the audio event in the project window and... BANG. Crashed Cubase and does so consistently in this and every other project I have.

So, as an alternative I tried to normalise the event up a few db (and only a few db) which seemed to work fine. However later on when I re-played that section, the clip I normalised suddenly went off the meters, totally clipping out in absolute distortion.

I've tried all the routine stuff.... re-import audio (plays fine), re-load project, re-boot machine multiple times and this still happens.

Now dear reader, please don't fixate on "normalisation" and whether it should or shouldn't be used, or how I'm using it. I know how to use it and always use it sparingly... I've read a lot of the posts in the forum about it and I agree that it's not a commonly used tool, but I have no course to get a better version of the audio, it's some foley shot on location, and it's the only clip I wanted to boost in volume.

To me this seems like a bug, but not having seen anyone else post anywhere on the net about it (and I've searched lots!!), I'm losing hope that it is a bug... maybe my system is poorly :-(


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