Thursday, 3 March 2011

Emanation Films - Viewers

Hot on the heels of The Point of Regret, Emanation Films are already well on their way with their next feature length film "Viewers".

Here's a snippet from the synopsis...

"Will has the key to unlocking something that will stop hunger, poverty, disease, the destruction of the planet and create peace for the entire human race.  Turning the key is simple.  All he has to do is kill himself.

Remote Viewing is used by intelligence agencies worldwide.   Most notably it was used by the CIA in operation Stargate which began at the Stanford Research Institute in April, 1972.  They claim Stargate was closed in 1995.
Ted has always been at the forefront of developing Remote Viewing.  Remote Viewers can project their sight, and other senses, to anywhere in the world, in the present . . . or the past. 

Now Ted’s obsessed with finding the secret link between Remote Viewing and the next phase of human evolution.  A step so significant it’ll dwarf the point at when fish came out of the water to live on land."

Sound good?

Read more about it at the temporary web page for Viewers


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