Monday, 7 February 2011

Cinematic Orchestration News

Yesterday I got Unit 4 of my Cinematic Orchestration course completed and packaged off to my tutor, which is a big relief.

Here are links to the submission track and the associated score.

For the score I've started using Notion3 which my wife bought me for xmas... it's really easy to use though it may not have all the features of Sibelius, it's doing fine for what I need to do right now, and it's a fraction of the cost.

I've also upgraded to Cubase 6 which has some of the best tweaks I've seen in the package yet... like in the piano roll editor, you can select a group of notes and then in the controller pane below, you get little drag-handles that allow you to lower or raise the controller value as one group! There are also drag-handles in the corner of the selection box that allow you to ramp-up or ramp-down the controller values, giving you a quick way of adding dynamics. Brilliant IMHO.

Anyway, I await my tutors response...


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